Presenting at the 2014 Kaltura Connect Video Experience Conference

On Tuesday, June 17th I had the privilege of presenting “Learning in the Digital Dimension: Big Data and Video” at the Kaltura Connect Video Experience Conference in New York City. Kaltura is an extremely interesting company with both non- and for-profit arms that support video-based solutions in higher education as well as in other settings. This conference was jam-packed with innovation and the people who make innovation happen.

My presentation addressed two associated points. First, I shared some examples from LRC100, LearningAdvisor, and KU Open Learning that address post-traditional learners, helping them “make sense” of career and academic choices, chart a path, and execute that path. I believe that helping learners “self-orient” regarding their career and academic paths, giving them the information that answers their personal questions about both, and “personalizing” their path forward is the missing link in the online and cloud-based environment today.

Second, I walked the group through three phases that a company like Kaltura and a place like Kaplan might collaborate in the future. Phase One is Enterprise Media Management that creates consistent guidelines and standard tags, etc. across the entity and enables a comprehensive “search and retrieval mechanism.”  Phase Two might well address access to and production of video to create ease of use and sharing of resources up to and including an integrated video infrastructure in authoring and delivery systems. Phase Three, as I see it, would focus on distribution and enhancements that would encourage personalized use for employees or students with integrated learning, science-based services, and extended distribution channels.

In short, it was an honor to be included in the Kaltura Connect Video Experience Conference and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this pioneering company.

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